About Us

Why should you choose Fairfield Naturals? Because first, and foremost, we are lovers of pets. Having accompanied several generations of pets in our own lives, we know the kinds of health issues, and aches and pains that seem to slow our pets down, and inhibit their joy, their movement, and quality of  life. So we started using natural supplements and good foods to help our pets and found that they can make a difference.

In our search for the best pet health products we have discovered very good ones along the way, but as our research led us deeper, we began to find and add more unique ingredients, from the bountiful goodness of nature, that have been proven by science to make an even more effective difference to our pet’s lives.

We are a small family business that oversees quality manufacturing in small batches of pure ingredients.  We are happy to hear your experiences, just drop us a note from our contact us page.

Our Belief, Commitment and Quality Assurance

We feel, as you probably do, that pets are an important part of our family (sometimes the most unconditionally loving part! ). So, it is natural that we want to do what is best for them. We believe that good nutrition and natural supplements, based in science and experience, can really help pets live better lives. That is why we very carefully craft products that have only the purest ingredients and are sourced in a sustainably sound way.

Give your pets the quality they deserve

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